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Like the Weather

So…you’ll remember all the times I bored you with the stories of how freakin’ hot it is here? Well, apparently the Winter Gods heard me because now we are heading into Day 4 of solid rain. And not just little dribbles of rain like we get in San Diego. R.A.I.N. people. Pouring, endless rain complete […]

My Year In Numbers

6 The number of days we have left here. 14 The number of mosquito bites I got in ONE night–last night. 2 The number of bags I have to pack. 3  The current number of seconds between the time the lightning strikes and the thunder crashes.  We have had a couple of nasty thunderstorms lately. […]

A Little Cleopatra

Tonight we were invited to a tasting at a new Egyptian restaurant in town. Of course, this invitation stems from the diplomat friend I made way back at the beginning of our stay here. I have never eaten Egyptian food, but it was…..AWESOME!! EXCELLENT!! I cannot say enough about it! I am not sure what […]

Noisy/Nosey Neighbors

You would think that a concrete building would sufficiently insulate for heat and noise.  Well, I think we have proven that we have virtually NO heat insulation (see all the winter blog entries), and we now realize we also have NO noise insulation. As I mentioned before, we moved our mattress out to the living […]

Best of Times/Worst of Times: London

Hey, wasn’t Charles Dickens BORN in England? How apropos that I would use his theme here… Best of Times–and oooooohhhh, there are many! *Traveling alone. This may seem odd, but I really liked being here by myself. I could have my own, selfish agenda and walk or rest as much as I wanted to. It […]