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The Dirtiest Bath

It had been a long day. I spent the wee hours of the morning explaining to Alex, the Uni.ted ticketing agent that NO! I was not a terrorist even though the plane reservation for the flight–made by one of their agents–was in my married name and the ticket and my passport were in my maiden […]

Christmas Past

When it was still Christmas Future, it looked like we would never get here, or maybe be deported. When it was Christmas Present, well, here’s how it went: On Christmas Eve day, we went out around the town to do some last minute shopping. Although around here, everyone shops then, so we didn’t feel like […]

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

(Bulgaria style) “Twas the night before Christmas And all through the flat Many creatures were stirring Even worms* and stray cats. The stockings were hung By the chimney radiator with care While billows of smoke Rose up through the air. Mark and Kristy were nestled All snug in their bed While bouncy mattress springs Poked […]

Lights, Doggie, Action!

As promised, here are some pictures of Sofia all decorated for Christmas. These lights are strung across the two main boulevards in town, one is on our street and another is the street where Mark’s office is located (clickon the photos to see them more closely): Day by day, more lights appear. Just today, I […]


I guess all the stress and drama of getting here is finally catching up with me. I’m sick. With an ugly cold I’m sure I got from the nasty airplane air and which especially flared up when I was all nervous and freaking out about, oh, I don’t know, the possibility of being deported!? Let’s […]

Oh Christmas Tree!

Well….we are here…in our flat, with our hound. When I am a little less bitter, I will tell you the traveling nightmare we had getting here, then the scary visa problems. But for now, let’s focus on something a little more positive, shall we? It is definitely Christmas here in Bulgaria! When we came home, […]

Just Asking

Do you think they will figure out my trick here?             (You see..I surreptitiously duct-taped two oversized ski bags together to make one oversized bag, and hopefully only have to pay one fine. hehehe) Oops! ***** (Insert bad word here), I forgot to put in the ski poles!! &@**@!!!!!

And So Are The Days of our Lives

And so the saga continues…. Once we heard the crazy news that we could not get back “home”, we frantically starting calling people in Sofia. Mark’s partner contacted the attorney, who contacted someone else who contacted someone else, and you see where this is heading. Apparently, we’re in! We will be heading back as planned […]

You Won’t Believe This One!

Guess what? Today, the BG Ministry of Foreign Affaris informed us we would not be accepted back in the country because we have already used up our 90 days on our tourist visa and since we don’t have a work visa, we aren’t allowed in. Seriously. I’m not kidding. So we’re here. For at least […]

And So We Return

Well, the time has come, for us to go back to the land of cold. We will leave the mid-70s, sunshiny days on Saturday and be freezing by Sunday afternoon. The travel arrangements, of course, have not been easy. Because nothing associated with Bulgaria seems to be easy. I had to cancel our original flight […]