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Sudoku, anyone???

So, as most of you know, I am a Sudoku puzzle addict. (Don’t know what Sudoku is? Click here.) When I say addict, I mean ADDICT. I MUST do at least one or two puzzles a day or I just don’t feel like myself. I find that doing math puzzles relaxes me, especially in intense […]

Why Are We Here?

You might be asking yourself: Why are you living in Bulgaria???? Good question, I say!! But it is a little tricky to answer…. About 4 years ago, Mark used to work for a company that was owned by Bulgarians. We used to joke: “Where in the world is Bulgaria?” haha! (Did you find it on […]

Landing on the Moon, Part 2

The second day we were here, we got started looking for a place to live. We can’t live in a hotel forever!!! Andrey had set up some meetings to look at some apartments. Apartments here are called “flats”. We spent the whole day looking at flats. Of course, we don’t have a car, so we […]

Landing on the Moon

Wednesday, August 15th: We arrived in Sofia,Bulgaria with very little sleep, a lot of luggage, and a newly world-traveled dog named Guiseppe. The plane trips (more than one!) were a bit wild, with us running through the airport to make our connections. But more on that later…. Upon our arrival, we began our search for […]

How to use this blog

First: What is a blog? Well, it is like my own journal, only it is written on the internet so everyone can read it. “Blog” is short for “weblog” which means a log, or journal on the web (another word for Internet). Before you start reading about my adventures, here are some directions on how […]