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Banitsa, Lutenitsa, itsa, itsa, itsa

I’ve given you a few food nightmare stories, but I think it’s time you hear about the yummy side to life here. There are a lot of foods here that I’ve never seen back home or even heard of, but they are delicious!!!! For some reason, many of the best foods end in “itsa”, I […]

The End of Our History Lessons

*Kids–this is probably going to be boring reading for you, so you may want to go check out my pictures or solve the math problem instead. Well, this may seem weird to you, but I must end (for now) my small series of history lessons. Two times now, I have had strange people write long […]

The Amazing Race: Epilogue

Well, once we lost the Amazing Race, we went on to Vitosha Mountain anyways.  We rode the orange Hallelujah-we-finally-found-you! gondola up to the top.  Well, almost to the top.  The view was beautiful.  There are forests and meadows and you can see the whole city of Sofia: We decided to go check out where the […]

Happy Birthday, Mark!!

I generally try to post every day during the week, but I skipped a day or two because…it was Mark’s birthday! That’s right, he’s the big 3-7 now…So, how do you celebrate a birthday in Bulgaria? Well, here’s how we did it. I wanted to do the usual–get a cake, buy some presents, go to […]

To Work, or not to Work, That is the Question

See–you think I am talking about a job, like should I get a job or should I not? But, no. I am not talking about ME working. I’m talking about things in general working… Every morning I wake up and begin this new little “game” where I walk around and see what is and is […]

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

*This is the title of a great children’s book–read it if you haven’t already! **Don’t read this post if you are eating. One of the things Bulgaria is known for is its cheese. They use a goat cheese, similar to feta, on everything from salad to french fries. Now, I love cheese as much as […]

Our Dog Is A Rock Star!

Yes, that’s right! Besides being a world-traveler, Guiseppe is also famous. I can tell what you’re thinking: “Oh, no, Kristy has lost it. She is so lonely that she has become one of those people. You know, the ones who spend hours talking with their dog about world politics? Sometimes they even dress their dogs […]

How We Lost The Amazing Race…

…and it’s all Mark’s fault! One of the main attractions here in Sofia is to go about 10 kilometers (6.6 miles for you Americans) out of town and take a ski lift up to the top of Mount Vitosha. You can see this mountain from our balcony: We really wanted to do this before it […]

First Day of School–Bulgaria Style

September 15th is always the first day of school here in Bulgaria. Even though today is a Friday, it was still the first day of school here. We had read that there is always some sort of celebration on September 15th, but we had no idea! We were out walking the dog at about 10:00am […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

The Good: I got a little job today. And I do mean little. I am a freelance journalist for the English newspaper. Basically, I write a couple of newspaper articles a month, they pay me a couple of dollars a month (Not kidding about the couple of dollars!). First up, a story on another foreigner […]