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Cricket—Not Just An Insect Anymore

Also…a game.  A game similar to baseball played all over the world, but especially popular in England, India, Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa (among other places).  Sure, I had heard of it before.  I even saw a game being played while I was cruising Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  There were a bunch of grown […]


This is a small detail, but funny nonetheless…when is the last time you saw a key that looked like this? Well, that funky green one is the key to my heart apartment. Very modern.

Where’s the Beef?

Seriously, where IS the beef, I ask? Since we have been here, I have not seen one single bit of food made from beef. NOT ONE. Although, I have been tricked a lot! At the store where I buy the meat, there is a package of meat that looks exactly like ground beef. Exactly. Like […]

A Day in My Life

Probably you are wondering what it is I do all day long. You know, since I’m in retirement and all. Or maybe I am just a narcissist (someone who thinks they are “all that”) who assumes the world spins around me*. Either way, here is how a day in my life goes: *”The world does […]

Is There Something I Should Know?

Like maybe I should know why we had to come all the way to Bulgaria just to see Duran Duran in concert…. Oh yes we did!! Friday night we went to the Duran Duran concert. And I know what you are just dying to ask. What does Simon LeBon look like now? Well, from my […]

Arctic Chill

Well, the moment you have all been waiting for is here. The day when we freeze. You warned me about it before I left, worried I would throw in the down jacket thermal underwear towel and come home. But notice, I am still here, in 0 degrees Celsius (32F). No siree. I will not give […]

Worse and Worser

Last night (technically early this morning), we walked home in 0 degrees Celsius with our breath all smoky and the frozen air seeping into the teeny holes in my tennis shoes. Of course, the city has not turned on the heat yet–it has to be below 12 degrees three days in a row. We have […]

Long Overdue

I probably should have written about this much earlier. The time has come….to teach you the basics of the Bulgarian alphabet. It looks NOTHING like ours. And to this day, I am unsure of which letters really are vowels. There are characters that look like triangles with legs and an “n” with a curly tail. […]

The Long Walk Home

Wasn’t that the title of a movie? Well, today it’s the title of my life. You know how I am supposed to be “retired”, but I’m not really, so I keep looking for little jobs to do (and get paid for) here and there? Well, I had a job interview on Friday—which is a whole […]

Our Internet Woes

I try to write a post everyday during the week, Monday through Friday. I cannot be held responsible for the lack of posts on the weekends. I mean, it’s the WEEKEND, peeps, and we are busy. Busy watching movies, outdated TV shows, CNN Headline News over and over again. Busy shopping for food products. Busy […]