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I think I made a friend.

I grew up in a small town–let us not discuss the name of the place here–and had pretty much the same friends all my life. When I went to college, I worked a lot (A LOT) and took a bunch of classes, so I never had time to make new friends. For the whole first […]

The Day We Found Cereal

Just so you know, I have an endless supply of food-related stories. I could go on for days about the hunting and gathering we do here. And here’s another one… When we moved here, we knew we would not be able to eat the same way we do at home. I mean, we live in […]

Hi, Logan kids!!

So…I see some of you have found my blog and have been reading it.  I’m glad!!! Keep it up!!!  But I want to tell you about the comments.  You can leave comments whenever you want.  Just click on the word “comments” at the bottom of the post (the writing), and then there will be a […]

Hey! Where did all the metal go?

That’s what we asked ourselves when we first saw all the statues and monuments here. They are all missing most of their metal. Take a look (click on the pictures if you want to see them more closely): This is a monument of a Russian soldier, yet, you can barely tell. Check out all that […]

The Po-lice

I’ve been thinking of creating a Cops-like documentary or TV show here, where I would follow one of the police officers around for a whole night. It would look something like this: Cop stands on the corner with several other cop friends. They huddle around and discuss major issues, like what they did last night, […]

Oh How I Miss….

It’s high time I make a list of things I miss about living in San Diego. You guys were probably starting to think I was just loving it here so much, I forgot about life back home. Feel free to brag about how you are enjoying all these luxuries at home: **Not in any real […]

We’ve Got the Golden Ticket!

You know that part in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where poor, poor Charlie opens his Wonka Bar to discover a shiny golden ticket and he goes leaping and singing through the streets? He sings something like: I’ve got the golden ticket, I’ve got the golden ticket, blah blah blah Well, that was us on […]

Lions and Tigers and Diplomats, Oh My!

That about sums up my past week. Well, except for the lions and tigers bit. The only lions and tigers I deal with are the shows on Animal Planet that seem to be on a continuous loop, as they repeat every two hours. But the diplomat, well, yes, I did encounter one of those. It […]