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Consulate-ory Gestures

Isn’t the job of a consulate to assist people in applying for visas/passports/other official documents?  That was my understanding, but then again, I’ve been wrong before.  Clearly, the Bulgarian Consulate in L.A. is not there to help anyone.  Not.a.single.person.EVER.  So here’s the story: Yet again, we drove up to L.A. to attempt to apply for […]

Gobble Gobble

And that’s just what we’ve been doing. We have decided that our mission while we are here at home is to add a layer of blubber that will insulate us for the winter. Think of a whale, as it prepares for its time in the icy Arctic waters. Yes, that’s us! We have eaten our […]

Just a Quick Update

Yes, yes, we made it home! Perhaps you were worried that our plane crashed or something, since the blog has been markedly silent for….nearly a week (man, has it been that long?). But no…the plane made it here safely, as did we. A brief synopsis of our time here so far–though I will detail all […]

Home Again, Home Again…

…jiggety jig! We’re on our way back, and not a moment too soon. With gusting freezing air blowing through the city, I could use a little sunshine. So please, nobody wash your cars. I don’t want to return to rain. 🙂 Well, it’s off to pack. We are T minus 14 hours to plane takeoff, […]

Rila-y Beautiful!

As promised, a recap on our trip to Rila Monastery… Of course, first you must know a little history (click here or here for more in depth history) of the place. In the 10th Century, a hermit named John lived in a cave and prayed near to where Rila is now located. The scholars who […]

Dare We Discuss the Weather?

I know living in San Diego where there is only one type of weather (sunny) does not properly prepare me to deal with Autumn. But surely, even people who are used to having seasons and changing weather are scratching their heads over our past week. Last week, we had snow and ice. Then rain. Then […]

We *heart* Plovdiv.

Plovdiv should be called P-love-div. It is such a beautiful city. We loved visiting, and we will definitely return! Some Plovdiv background: Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, second behind Sofia (where we live). The Ottoman Empire (the Turks) controlled Bulgaria for 500 years, until the Russians helped free Bulgaria from Turkish rule […]

Oh the Places You’ll Go…

Or better yet, the places we went! All in one weekend! I have tons of stuff to write about Plovdiv and Rila, but we just got home, it’s night time and time to eat, and we’re exhausted. The short version is…IT WAS AWESOME!! WE LOVED IT!!! Both places were fantastic, way better than we even […]

But before we go…

Just thought you would like to see some pictures of the snow outside…since you’ll never see it there in warm, sunny San Diego! I tried to get a picture of the actual snowflakes, but thats proved to be a little difficult. Oh, and check out the weather forecast on the side here…that’s MINUS 4, people, […]

And We’re Off…

Mark finally took a few days off and we are actually going to do a little traveling here in Bulgaria. On Saturday and Sunday, we will be in Plovdiv. Then on Monday, we are going to Rila, where they have a famous monastery. This is the most famous place in Bulgaria. It will surely be […]