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Austria Part 2: Skiing

Sadly, of all the years Mark is able to fulfill his lifelong dream, it is the ONE year with very little snow. So we were a bit worried that there wouldn’t be really any snow to ski on. The day we arrived, Mark found a ski shop (he needed to rent some boots), and they […]

Austria Part I: Innsbruck

Really, Austria was so great and there is so much to say, that you would fall asleep if I put it all in one post. So, I will stretch it out a bit. We will begin with the town in which we stayed: Innsbruck. It all started when Mark was a young boy skiing the […]

Kristy and Mark Von Trapp Return

We’re back…and all our limbs are still attached and in one piece, so bonus! During most of the trip, I gave Mark control of the camera. Big mistake. HUGE, actually. The boy took one million photos. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he did literally take 256 of them. Well, maybe a few were mine, […]

Stealing Minutes

Mark paid for one day of internet here in Innsbruck, so I figured I would steal a few minutes to give you a quick update.  In a word, this place is AWESOME!!!  We are loving it here.  So far we have skiied three days in three different places.  Today we skiied on a glacier and […]

Call Me Kristy Von Trapp

Remember this??When I pretended to be Sound of Music on Vitosha Mountain?? Well, I’m off to re-live the moment, except in the actual country…kind of.  We are heading to Austria–I’ll wait while you locate it on the map–in the morning (tonight your time in the States).  Only, we won’t actually be re-living the Sound of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Surely you are wondering how they celebrate Valentine’s Day over here.  And the answer is……… the same way as back home.  With goofy little stuffed animals, candy, chocolate, flowers, dinner, blah blah blah.  Everything is exactly same, minus the candy hearts that say “Fax Me”.  They don’t have those.  But not to worry, my friend […]


No…it’s not some derivative of posh.  It’s how they say “mail” here.  (The “o” is long.)  And we love the poshta.  Well, actually, we love receiving poshta.  Sending it back to you people is a whole other story… But about receiving.  I have this little quirk.  To be clear, I call it a quirk, Mark […]

The Case of the Missing Canuck

Mark has a business partner in Canada, who came here to Bulgaria for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He flew in on a Friday, and promptly received the Bulgarian welcome….drinks, dinner, more drinks, more drinks, more drinks. You get the idea. The next day Mark and I headed over to the apartment […]

Eating Seasonally

You know we are spoiled over there in the land of milk and honey. We can get milk and honey, and all manner of fruits and vegetables all year long. So…if I feel like having a nectarine in the dead of winter, I can get one. It will cost more, but I can get one. […]

Because The Next Step Was Padded Walls

There are many, many things here that could make me C.R.A.Z.Y. What with the pickpocketing, the unknown mystery meats, the lady at the tomato stand yelling at me because I touched her goods….the list goes on and on. But the thing that has really gotten to me, believe it or not, is living in a […]