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My Life is Pretty Much Awesome

If “awesome” means that when you are walking down the street a Roma/gypsy will ever-so-slowly unzip your bag pocket and carefully and quietly take your wallet full of cash (ok, only the equivalent of about $40, but still!), credit cards, and boarding passes for airline miles out of your bag and you won’t realize it […]

In My Spare Time

I make up new names for the dog. You know, because I have time to think of these things. Here are some I came up with: Hound-some (handsome, get it?) Hound-ly His Royal Houndliness (this is what I call him when he acts like a spoiled brat) Hound-a-licious Hound-ini (like Houdini, this is what I […]

I’m Baaaaack

I returned from my travels to Pazardzhik. You can read about the town and its history here. There are quite a few archealogical digs around this area because there are many Thracian tombs. In fact, if you visit the Museum of Natural History here in Sofia–which I clearly did because duh!! I’m a teacher!–many of […]