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Man Overboard!

No, just kidding.  Nobody went overboard.  But we were on a boat for four days and it could have happened, what with all the raucous behavior.  My sister got married on a cruise down to Mexico.  The wedding was held before the ship left the port and then we spent the next three and a […]

Checking In

I’m still here. Here as in San Diego here. But I have begun substitute teaching and we are still preparing for taxes and my sister’s wedding, so life has been a bit crazy around this place. This weekend will be the wedding cruise to Mexico, I’m sure we will have plenty of photos. Also, I […]

Wondering Where I Was, Weren’t You?

I was flying…again! This time with a hound and nearly all of our belongings from Bulgaria. You know, just in case we can’t ever get back there. I’d hate to leave all our good stuff there forever. So, we left on Monday morning at very early o’clock and checked in at Lufthansa. With the “kuche” […]

It’s My Birthday, It’s My Birthday

Errrrr….it was my birthday. On Monday. You know, when we found out about the visas and had to begin making moving plans??? Kind of a bummer to find out on my birthday, but we are not ones to dwell on such things. Oh noooooo! Mark Cassanova woke me up in the morning with a very […]

Happy Day of the Woman

Yup.  We women have our own day over here in Bulgaria.  Technically it is an international holiday.  What is the conspiracy theory as to why we don’t know about it in the United States??? Anyways, here it used to be a bigger holiday during Communist times, but everyone still celebrates it.  When I was walking […]

Who Knew?

I have finally tired of CNN (although I confess to being riveted by King Abdullah II’s speech before Congress today) and have moved on to Animal Planet while I clean out cupboards and begin packing.  Last night I watched a whole documentary on elephants.  Perhaps you would like to know a few facts???  Mark just […]

Groundhog’s Day

You know that movie…where he keeps waking up and repeating the same day over and over again? That’s pretty much how my life here is going. Since last June, we have been trying to get the visa that allows us to enter and exit the country as often as we would like. As it is […]

Austria Part 3: Salzburg

Since Mark was in pain from skiing wanted me to experience a little more Austrian culture, he insisted we take the sixth day off from our Olympic training and head to Salzburg by train.  He had visited Europe when he was a teenager and he remembered liking Salzburg, though he couldn’t recall exactly why.  For […]


We interrupt the regularly scheduled posting about Austria… Today is a unique celebration here in Bulgaria called Baba Marta day. What happens is this: Everyone carries around these red and white yarn bracelets called martenitsa. They tie them on each other’s wrists to wish each other health and prosperity. Everyone keeps them on until they […]