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When we are in Bulgaria, I sometimes help Mark’s employees with their English. Well, while we were gone, one of his employees was trying to explain what a FAQ (frequently asked questions) was. He told the client they get a fah-Q with their website. If you read it right, it’s funny…get it? get it? So, […]

Aaaallllllll Byyyyyy Myyyyself

Well, I’m down to one more week before we head off. My brother and sister-in-law have gone to Hawaii for next week and Mark is in Canada for the long weekend. So I get the house to myself. heh heh. My plans are highly exciting. I will be sleeping, reading, and doing laundry. I also […]

Overseas Finances…Turns Out…Not So Fun

You would not BELIEVE how 8 months in another country can affect your financial life. Here, I thought I had a foolproof plan to make sure all our bills were paid and our miscellaneous expenses were dealt with. But apparently my plan was anything but foolproof. Just some fun tidbits about our current state of […]

California, er…Bulgaria…Here We Come

Yup. That’s right folks! We will be returning to the Land of Cucumber and Tomato at the end of May. With our new, legal visa status, we can go back whenever we want. Even better, we can enter and exit the country as often as we choose, AND I can work. Granted, since we are […]

Miracles Never Cease

Visa=Approved. At the end of our stay. We will finally be fully legal. Go figure.

The American 10

No, I’m not talking about Bo Derek here. I am talking about the 10 pounds we seem to gain every time we make our glorious return to the United States. Surely this is a result of our intense craving for all comida mexicana, not to mention all the processed, convenient foods we are so accustomed […]