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Mother In Law Diaries…Day 3

Also known as THE HOTTEST WALK EVER. So, we began the day in our one air conditioned room with a nice, quiet breakfast, planning the day ahead. The plan was to show Mark’s mom the city sights in Sofia. (She will heretofore be known as “Linda”. Ok,ok who am I fooling? That’s her real name. […]

Mother In Law Diaries…Days 1/2

As I mentioned previously, Mark’s mom is here on a visit. I know…an American HERE to visit US. Shocking. Who woulda thought it? So, she arrived on Saturday night and we picked her up at the airport. We were trying to show our hospitality by not just making her find her own way to our […]

Don’t Leave Me

Don’t leave the blog.  Really I am still here.  It is just that Mark’s mom and I are KILLING this place.  I mean, touring everything and seeing everything and it leaves me little time and less energy to write at night.  But we have taken some cool pictures and we have funny stories, so stick […]

Marko Columbus

So….yesterday….I decided to expose Mark’s night crew to the beauty that is Mexican food. You will recall that I brought over a bag of limes and dried cilantro. I had all the ingredients ready to make salsa, except for the hot chile. Mark and I ventured out before our midday walk to his office to […]

Enough Already

So, we have a routine to our daily life here, and it looks something like this… I wake up around 8:00am. In the hot, hot, humid sunshine. By the way, this is unacceptable considering I go to sleep after 2am. But the hardest working guys in all of Bulgaria are building a huge building right […]

Name These Words

For fun, I have been taking a couple of pictures of words on signs around various Bulgarian towns.  The words are the same in English, but it is kind of fun to see the Bulgarian way of writing it (with the Cyrillic alpahbet), or maybe it is just fun for nerds like me… So, try […]

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

…bloody toes, bloody toes. Yeah…had a little mishap this weekend. I went out on Friday night with some Americans I have met here–we felt the need to hang out as they are all nearing the end of their stay here (as are we)–and this happened: It was late and very, very dark out. We were […]


Sorry ’bout that…I told you there would be a new album and then…well, then I got tired (it was past midnight here), and then the next day came and then I had a bad internet connection what’s new?, and then, well, then…the dog ate my homework… But it’s there now. Go check it out! Kanye […]

Veliko Turnovo

Ok ok, here it is…the story of my weekend in Veliko: We (Kanye and I) began our journey with a rather typical Bulgarian bus ride. We met up in Plovdiv (she was coming from the south, I was coming from the north, Plovdiv is in the middle). We had a small meal and then got […]

Me=Travel Agent

So, I know I should be uploading pictures of my recent trip to Veliko Turnovo and I should be writing to you about the whole weekend, but….. I have been busy playing travel agent. I am planning a tour of Europe and trying to arrange all the budget aifares from budget airlines and budget lodging […]