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Sad, Sad News

While I have been away I have gotten two doses of very sad news. One is that my best friend’s mom lost her battle with cancer and passed away. Today, I am missing her funeral which saddens me terribly. The other is that a friend of mine from church who was a regular reader and […]


You know that song by Fer.gie? The one that goes–My London Bridges wanna go down. Or something like that. Well, I felt very Fer.gie today. Besides passing by the London Bridge, I traveled “first class”. Listen to this… I began my day at 5am. That was after a late, late night that was made even […]

Not All Technology is Created Equal

Particularly in the Czech Republic. Grrrr. The internet cafes I found in Prague were sorry, pathetic little places–something like a few antiquated machines put in a back room with an attendant who could barely use a calculator. No chat programs with which to talk to Mark and an internet connection that moved at a snail’s […]

More Time to Write

I have a little more time to write today. The rates are much better here at this internet cafe than they have been elsewhere, so I will fill you all in a bit. I left on Monday morning and took two flights to finally land in Split, Croatia. The flight into Croatia was pretty amazing. […]

My Life as a Lizard

So we have moved from Split to Dubrovnik. It was….quite a bus ride. 5 hours of competitions. The Battle of the Loudest Baby, and The Battle of the Stinkiest Dude. 2 competitions I would not ordinarily choose to spectate. And so we arrived a bit frazzled…but this place is worth the bus ride. Truly. They […]

Croatia Baby

Yeah, I am here in Croatia (Split, to be exact) and I am pretty sure that THIS IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! The water is clear and warm and amazing. The beaches have little rocks that don’t get you all dirty. The food is delicious. Here is the quick rundown (My minutes are counted […]

Mother In Law Diaries…Day 4

Rila Monastery And so we set out for an adventure, Linda and I. If you have never been here, you should know that Rila Monastery is not the easiest place to get to, but so so so worth seeing. I had read in the bible that a bus left Sofia Ovcha Kupel bus station at […]