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What Does It All Mean?

Well, here we go…the big wrap up of the year in Bulgaria. Let’s see if we can sum it up! Mostly, the whole year was a ginormous learning experience, which is oh-so-trite to say, I know. But really it was. If I had to narrow it down to one life lesson, I would say that […]

A Way Up North

Or is it “Away up north”?  I’m not sure….anyways, the Canada pictures are up.  Just to recap the trip: We spent the week with Mark’s partner, heretofore referred to as The Canuck.  We went out crabbing, took scenic drives, fished, and cruised downtown Victoria.  The place was AMAZING!!!  The scenery truly was breathtaking and I […]


My, but you are all a demanding bunch.  Apparently I have a few readers who refuse to let go.  I thought I had lost you all, what with my four month hiatus and all (who knew that going back to a job I had done perfectly well for 11 years would be so time-consuming?  And […]