Probably you are wondering what it is I do all day long. You know, since I’m in retirement and all. Or maybe I am just a narcissist (someone who thinks they are “all that”) who assumes the world spins around me*. Either way, here is how a day in my life goes:

*”The world does not spin around you” is what the people here say when they are trying to say that “the world does not revolve around you”. Mark and I have now adopted this way of speaking.

8:00 I wake up, usually to the sound of the dog whining because he wants to take a walk. Okay, I’ll admit it! I actually wake up at 7:30, but I lay in the bed all still, like a mummy, so the hound won’t know I’m awake.

9:00 This is when we usually return from THE WALK. Now don’t go thinking I take the hound on a marathon-training session. Either we get a late start, or if it’s a nice day, we sit in the park a while and have a cup of tea while we watch all the people rush by on their way to work.

We eat breakfast and feed the hound. Usually I read the news online, the San Diego U-T, and the Bulgarian news. Mark starts to look over his work for the day. Sometimes, though, we will watch some TV show I have downloaded.

Mark starts to get ready for work. I begin domestic duties. I know, you are coughing, chortling, maybe even all-out laughing at this startling news. Me? As Martha Stewart? Well, if you count incessant washing of clothes and hanging them out to dry Martha Stewart, well then…that’s who I am.

12:00 Mark leaves for work. Sometimes I go with him and do some of the endless shopping. But when I return home, this is when the hound and I begin our house party. We invite the neighbors, lay out some hors d’oeuvres,


blast MTV and start dancing.
OK, not really.

This is when I do most of the housework and work on my Bulgarian. I have books and CDs and I watch TV to learn, although I must confess that it has been slow going. This is not the easiest language to learn.
If it is sunny, I might go out and take pictures of things around town, or I might take Guiseppe to the park and I will do my studying there.

Every now and again, I have a meeting at the newspaper I attend in the afternoon, or perhaps an interview to conduct.

Ok, ok ok! You know me too well. I also nap in the afternoon for about an hour, maybe longer if it’s raining.

4:30ish I start to cook dinner. I know—it seems like that’s too early, and it is. But I make it and leave it in the oven for later, because…

I teach English to Mark’s employees for an hour or two, and then we come home and eat that delicious dinner I so lovingly cooked hours earlier.

8:00 Hound goes on his second official walk of the day.

8:30-1:30 This is when I actually do work. I write my articles for the newspaper, I write this blog, I edit websites for Mark’s company or write content for them, etc. I also do most of my emailing during this time.

Go to bed.

So…there you have it. A day in my life. Now you can rest easily, knowing what I do all day long.