Well, I am leaving Mark behind for the weekend to visit this place.  Veliko Turnovo was once–apparently–the capital of Bulgaria.  A friend I met (perhaps you remember me talking about Kanye?? a pseudonym for another American here who did an…ummm, well….interesting….version of Kanye West’s Golddigger at a Bulgarian karaoke night???) asked me if I would like to check the place out.  She also is a teacher back home, but she did this weird thing where they trade jobs, meaning she is teaching in place of the Bulgarian teacher and the Bulgarian teacher is teaching in her place.

But I digress.  We are taking a bus to a bus kind of a thing and we will be staying in a hostel–a new experience for me.  Though, nowadays, you can even see pictures of hostels online.  So I’ve checked the place out and it looks cool.  We will share one room between the two of us and share a bathroom with the others who are staying there.  It will probably be another adventure for me…but perhaps nothing quite as adventurous as the small village (remember Zavet?) with two main roads and more donkeys, chicken and sheep than people.  I’ll be sure to photo the place thoroughly and bring back my tales.