Or is it “Away up north”?  I’m not sure….anyways, the Canada pictures are up.  Just to recap the trip:

We spent the week with Mark’s partner, heretofore referred to as The Canuck.  We went out crabbing, took scenic drives, fished, and cruised downtown Victoria.  The place was AMAZING!!!  The scenery truly was breathtaking and I saw some animals in the wild that I had never seen before–black bears, elk, ginormous crabs.  We caught crabs and I even killed and cleaned them!  Basically, we relaxed and enjoyed the nature around us.  We especially enjoyed our hosts, who were so so so kind to us.  They have a similar life view as we do, more laid back and outdoorsy, so we all had a great time together.  But my favorite time was, oddly enough, playing croquet in the dark.  We were really cracking up the whole time.

So, all in all, I LOVED Canada, much more so than I ever thought I would.  And, to Mark’s credit, he said I would really enjoy it…and he was right!  Should you ever get the opportunity to visit, you should definitely go!!  Until then, enjoy our photos…..

(In case you forgot, photos are in the yellow church picture to the right of this post.)