And so the saga continues….

Once we heard the crazy news that we could not get back “home”, we frantically starting calling people in Sofia. Mark’s partner contacted the attorney, who contacted someone else who contacted someone else, and you see where this is heading. Apparently, we’re in! We will be heading back as planned on Saturday, arriving Sunday. We are armed with many phone numbers of many people in case we get stopped at Immigration.

But, really, wouldn’t it be funny if we got detained (Mark likes to call it quarantined, as if we are rabid dogs) and spent our holidays in a BG jail? It would really add to our story, don’t you think? So, in an effort NOT to count our chickens before they hatch, I will not tell you what we plan for Christmas. Because it could be that I plan on eating prison food, or flying back to the U.S. in some scary “deportation” plane, while in handcuffs, or be here and in jail, or something like that. So–we have no plans as of yet.

Let’s just take one hour at a time. Heh!