So, we travelled back up to L.A. yet again today to dejectedly collect our visa-denied passports. We were all solemn on the way up there, knowing the Mullet and her Evil Stepsister would be all glib that we had been rejected and seen as the frauds they know us to be. In fact, I was so dreading the visit that I hung out in the truck while I sent Mark in to gather our papers.

But lo! and behold! the Mullet actually apologized to Mark (gasp! And folks…this should be a loud GASP! because, really, I cannot begin to tell you how mean these people have been to us) for all the mess and all the inconvenience this has caused. She even said she felt bad for us. FELT BAD FOR US! It’s amazing what one small apology can do for people. I now feel rejuvenated, energized, even in love with Bulgaria despite my illegal status.
So. I renounce my vengeance on all things mullet-y. I no longer view the hairstyle and their owners as sub-par, 80s rejects. I believe in the power of the mullet…both as a hairstyle and as a people.

But as for the Evil Stepsister, well, I just don’t quite feel the love for her yet.


May I never have to rest my eyes on that place again!