Well, the moment you have all been waiting for is here. The day when we freeze. You warned me about it before I left, worried I would throw in the down jacket thermal underwear towel and come home. But notice, I am still here, in 0 degrees Celsius (32F). No siree. I will not give up!

Even if our heater doesn’t work yet because the city government decides when to turn it on (as if they know when I am cold).

Even if our bedroom windows are all icy and the condensation leaks into the room.

Even if my teeth chatter so much, I actually chip small pieces of enamel right off.

I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I will adapt, improvise, overcome.

I offer you proof of my ability to evolve from a warm, flip-flop wearing San Diegan into a frosty Bulgarian polar bear. Here are pictures of how I prepare to sleep. What you don’t see are the second layer of thermal underwear underneath the sweats and turtleneck (hence the added bulk—at least that’s the excuse I’m using) and the double layer of socks:


Even the Vladi, the Bulgarian hound, must bundle up:



***As I write this, I hear the heater gurgling….might it spring to life???

***Oh yeah, and I should mention that part of the city got their heat turned on almost a week ago. Clearly, not our part…do you think it was something I said?