Just thought you would like to see some pictures of the snow outside…since you’ll never see it there in warm, sunny San Diego!

snowy-town.jpg snowy-trees.jpg

snowy-rooves.jpg snowy-roof.jpg

I tried to get a picture of the actual snowflakes, but thats proved to be a little difficult. Oh, and check out the weather forecast on the side here…that’s MINUS 4, people, MINUS! And feels like MINUS 11.  Did I move to Siberia or something?
p.s. I added some new pictures to the photo gallery from a few months ago when we went to Vitosha Mountain (you’ll remember it from the Amazing Race story??). Check them out. Sorry it took so long, it’s just that the photo gallery thing is tedious and laborious and in my new retirement state of mind, I just haven’t got the energy… 😉