Yup. That’s right folks! We will be returning to the Land of Cucumber and Tomato at the end of May. With our new, legal visa status, we can go back whenever we want. Even better, we can enter and exit the country as often as we choose, AND I can work. Granted, since we are only going to be there for less than 3 months, I probably will not get a job. But the point is that I could if I really wanted to.

No, no. No job for me. I have enough to do and see without an official job. I will help Mark with his business and write some curriculum for my teaching next year. Oh, and this blog. I will write stunning entries here daily. In my spare time, I plan to buy and eat loads of fresh berries because they will surely be in season again this summer as they were last summer. This is one of my favorite things about Bulgaria. I know I complain about having to shop in eight different stores just for one meal. but really, you can’t beat the fruit stands for fresh produce and during the summer, the fruit is SO SO SO delicious…and my second favoite thing…cheap!

Mark and I are thinking about using our airline miles to perhaps visit Spain or another Western European country. And I have a friend planning travels in the more easterly section of Europe. So, I will also plant a money tree and wait for it to sprout euros so I can do all the traveling I want. Truthfully, though, we will probably make a stop on our way home in mid August, but we haven’t yet decided where. And I may be able to squeeze out one more inexpensive trip to a neighboring country…we’ll see! Maybe all my sub jobs will pay off. *wink wink*

So there you have it. Our summer plans. And perhaps the most exciting plans of all come after we return home. We will live in our OWN house again with our OWN stuff and our OWN dogs, all of us together again. I can’t wait!!!!!! Until then….look for more fun Bulgaria stories here…after a few more weeks of San Diego stories first.