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A Little Cleopatra

Tonight we were invited to a tasting at a new Egyptian restaurant in town. Of course, this invitation stems from the diplomat friend I made way back at the beginning of our stay here. I have never eaten Egyptian food, but it was…..AWESOME!! EXCELLENT!! I cannot say enough about it! I am not sure what […]

What’s For Dinner?

While we were in the U.S., we found that most people were curious just about our day-to-day living. Sure, the adventures are funny (to some….not always to us….), but really y’all just want to know what life is like. So, in an attempt to have you live right here with me, here is an evening […]

Eating Seasonally

You know we are spoiled over there in the land of milk and honey. We can get milk and honey, and all manner of fruits and vegetables all year long. So…if I feel like having a nectarine in the dead of winter, I can get one. It will cost more, but I can get one. […]

The Day We Found Cereal

Just so you know, I have an endless supply of food-related stories. I could go on for days about the hunting and gathering we do here. And here’s another one… When we moved here, we knew we would not be able to eat the same way we do at home. I mean, we live in […]

Banitsa, Lutenitsa, itsa, itsa, itsa

I’ve given you a few food nightmare stories, but I think it’s time you hear about the yummy side to life here. There are a lot of foods here that I’ve never seen back home or even heard of, but they are delicious!!!! For some reason, many of the best foods end in “itsa”, I […]

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

*This is the title of a great children’s book–read it if you haven’t already! **Don’t read this post if you are eating. One of the things Bulgaria is known for is its cheese. They use a goat cheese, similar to feta, on everything from salad to french fries. Now, I love cheese as much as […]