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Miracles Never Cease

Visa=Approved. At the end of our stay. We will finally be fully legal. Go figure.

The American 10

No, I’m not talking about Bo Derek here. I am talking about the 10 pounds we seem to gain every time we make our glorious return to the United States. Surely this is a result of our intense craving for all comida mexicana, not to mention all the processed, convenient foods we are so accustomed […]

Things You’re Missing Out On…

…probably because I am not writing about them. Man! I’m soooo busy here. Well, ok, that may be an exaggeration because I lose a couple hours a day just hanging out with my 2 year old nephew. But other than that I am kind of busy. But, here are some stories I am going to […]

Who Knew?

I have finally tired of CNN (although I confess to being riveted by King Abdullah II’s speech before Congress today) and have moved on to Animal Planet while I clean out cupboards and begin packing.  Last night I watched a whole documentary on elephants.  Perhaps you would like to know a few facts???  Mark just […]

Because The Next Step Was Padded Walls

There are many, many things here that could make me C.R.A.Z.Y. What with the pickpocketing, the unknown mystery meats, the lady at the tomato stand yelling at me because I touched her goods….the list goes on and on. But the thing that has really gotten to me, believe it or not, is living in a […]

My Life is Pretty Much Awesome

If “awesome” means that when you are walking down the street a Roma/gypsy will ever-so-slowly unzip your bag pocket and carefully and quietly take your wallet full of cash (ok, only the equivalent of about $40, but still!), credit cards, and boarding passes for airline miles out of your bag and you won’t realize it […]

In My Spare Time

I make up new names for the dog. You know, because I have time to think of these things. Here are some I came up with: Hound-some (handsome, get it?) Hound-ly His Royal Houndliness (this is what I call him when he acts like a spoiled brat) Hound-a-licious Hound-ini (like Houdini, this is what I […]


I am leaving for a couple of days to go visit a friend in Pazardzhik. It is about two hours away from here by train. She is a teacher so I will spend some time in her school and then just seeing yet another Bulagarian town. Poor Mark. he’ll be so lonely. He’ll have to […]

The Wonders of Modern Technology

We experienced a major communications breakthrough on Sunday evening–the video teleconference using Mark and I were able to successfully watch and talk to my brother, his wife and almost-two year old son at the same time. It’s almost as good as being at home. Almost. They showed me their Starbucks cups and explained in […]

Charged Up, Charged Out

Oh, those pesky Chargers! They wait until the season we are gone to have one of the best seasons EVER and go to the playoffs. As you can imagine, American football…not so popular over here. Actually, not even hardly known over here. So when we want to watch a game, we usually have to wait […]