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A Way Up North

Or is it “Away up north”?  I’m not sure….anyways, the Canada pictures are up.  Just to recap the trip: We spent the week with Mark’s partner, heretofore referred to as The Canuck.  We went out crabbing, took scenic drives, fished, and cruised downtown Victoria.  The place was AMAZING!!!  The scenery truly was breathtaking and I […]

The Other Day…

…I saw a bear. Do you know that song? We used to sing it when I was in Girl Scouts when I was young. Well, it is now more than just a song to me! I saw a real live bear the other day. Not just one, but two!!!!!!! Big, ginormous, hungry, blackberry-eating black bears. […]

Not-So-Deadliest Catch

So the beauty of actually knowing people here in Victoria is that we get to do things not usually found on the tourist agenda. For example, today we played like we were on the Discovery Channel and went out crabbing in the Bering Sea ocean inlet. I opted to refer to our rig as the […]

Oooohhhhh Canada!

Well, we’ve crossed the ocean. And what a crossing it was! I had fretted the entire evening prior to leaving about the whole weight of the bags versus how many checked bags, etc thing. You see, we flew British Airways this time because, well, frankly I have had it with United. We used up our […]

Viva Espana!!

Well…here we are, in Spain.  But before I tell you about Spain, I must first tell you about our ironic last day in Bulgaria.  I had all these photos loaded up and ready to post here on the blog as a sort of visual montage to the year, and, of course….the internet went caput!  Also, […]

Best of Times/Worst of Times: London

Hey, wasn’t Charles Dickens BORN in England? How apropos that I would use his theme here… Best of Times–and oooooohhhh, there are many! *Traveling alone. This may seem odd, but I really liked being here by myself. I could have my own, selfish agenda and walk or rest as much as I wanted to. It […]

Best of Times/Worst of Times: Vienna

Today’s feature: Vienna Best of Times: * The opera, baby! I tease that I was all cultured and stuff, but really, it was fun to see an opera in Vienna. This is the opera we saw and we paid 4 euro, or about $6 to stand the whole time and watch it. But it was […]

Best of Times/Worst of Times: Prague

Today’s Dickens feature is: Prague Best of Times * THE FOOD!  We had one of the best meals of the whole trip here.  I had a goulash with knedli, which are like giant dumplings, and my friends had duck.  It was cold and rainy outside and we had walked quite a ways in the wetness, […]

Best of Times/Worst of Times: Croatia

So….I am uploading pictures of my fantastic European Adventure daily. There are a lot of them, so it takes a while to do. While I was monotonously uploading, renaming, captioning, and ordering photos, I had a brilliant idea. Are you ready? Each day that I create an album in the Gallery for a stop on […]


Did I mention it is super hot here? Oh, I did? Well, I must mention it again. REALLY HOT! And it is seriously affecting my productivity levels. I know, I know…what productivity, you say?? I mean, I AM in temporary retirement, so how productive need I be? Believe it or not, I have a lot […]