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Man Overboard!

No, just kidding.  Nobody went overboard.  But we were on a boat for four days and it could have happened, what with all the raucous behavior.  My sister got married on a cruise down to Mexico.  The wedding was held before the ship left the port and then we spent the next three and a […]

Austria Part 3: Salzburg

Since Mark was in pain from skiing wanted me to experience a little more Austrian culture, he insisted we take the sixth day off from our Olympic training and head to Salzburg by train.  He had visited Europe when he was a teenager and he remembered liking Salzburg, though he couldn’t recall exactly why.  For […]

Austria Part 2: Skiing

Sadly, of all the years Mark is able to fulfill his lifelong dream, it is the ONE year with very little snow. So we were a bit worried that there wouldn’t be really any snow to ski on. The day we arrived, Mark found a ski shop (he needed to rent some boots), and they […]

Austria Part I: Innsbruck

Really, Austria was so great and there is so much to say, that you would fall asleep if I put it all in one post. So, I will stretch it out a bit. We will begin with the town in which we stayed: Innsbruck. It all started when Mark was a young boy skiing the […]

Kristy and Mark Von Trapp Return

We’re back…and all our limbs are still attached and in one piece, so bonus! During most of the trip, I gave Mark control of the camera. Big mistake. HUGE, actually. The boy took one million photos. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he did literally take 256 of them. Well, maybe a few were mine, […]

Call Me Kristy Von Trapp

Remember this??When I pretended to be Sound of Music on Vitosha Mountain?? Well, I’m off to re-live the moment, except in the actual country…kind of.  We are heading to Austria–I’ll wait while you locate it on the map–in the morning (tonight your time in the States).  Only, we won’t actually be re-living the Sound of […]

Working on the Night Train

Well…I thought this was the title of that 70s song Mark is always humming around the flat with his hair peaked in front, shirt half buttoned, and gold chains dangling, but he insists it’s actually called “Working on my Night Moves” and deals with some guy’s awkward teenage blues. And that doesn’t work with my […]

Zavet: Small Town Bulgaria

We went. We saw. We conquered. And that was all in the first two hours we were there. The question is: What did we do the whole next day? So, you get the idea. Zavet was, well, small. More than small. Tiny. Miniscule. Microscopic. And yet, we were there for one whole night and one […]

Village People

Everyone here tells us that you can’t have the “true Bulgarian experience” unless you stay in a small village at least once. So, off we go. to a very small village called Tsavet for the weekend. It is a 6 hour bus ride there (ouch! I know, but there should be some beautiful scenery). We […]

Rila-y Beautiful!

As promised, a recap on our trip to Rila Monastery… Of course, first you must know a little history (click here or here for more in depth history) of the place. In the 10th Century, a hermit named John lived in a cave and prayed near to where Rila is now located. The scholars who […]