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What Does It All Mean?

Well, here we go…the big wrap up of the year in Bulgaria. Let’s see if we can sum it up! Mostly, the whole year was a ginormous learning experience, which is oh-so-trite to say, I know. But really it was. If I had to narrow it down to one life lesson, I would say that […]


My, but you are all a demanding bunch.  Apparently I have a few readers who refuse to let go.  I thought I had lost you all, what with my four month hiatus and all (who knew that going back to a job I had done perfectly well for 11 years would be so time-consuming?  And […]

Bulgaria: A Year in (Photo) Review

Here is the post I had planned to put up before our last internet outage in BG.  It is a selection of some photos that pretty much sum up the year.  No words, just pictures…                                  


Before I tell you how terrific Spain and Barcelona are, I must vent one small thing.  The language here.  The whole s/th thing drives me CRAZY.  Gracias is grathias.  Barcelona is Barthelona.  You get the idea.  Now I can adjust to this.  But when we went to Barcelona, the language changed completely…to Catalan (I think […]

The Daily Walk

I’ve been meaning to photo-journal my daily walk to and from Mark’s office–my main source of daily exercise. But it was raining or I kept forgetting my camera or, or, or….you get the idea. Well, I finally did it. So here it is: From our flat, I go out to the corner and turn left. […]

T Minus 2 1/2

Time to start packing and cleaning baby.  I’m off to start.  The landlords are coming to inspect the place Thursday morning, so all must be done by then.  And it will, beeeeeelieeeeeeve me. So I’m off.  Out!

Like the Weather

So…you’ll remember all the times I bored you with the stories of how freakin’ hot it is here? Well, apparently the Winter Gods heard me because now we are heading into Day 4 of solid rain. And not just little dribbles of rain like we get in San Diego. R.A.I.N. people. Pouring, endless rain complete […]

My Year In Numbers

6 The number of days we have left here. 14 The number of mosquito bites I got in ONE night–last night. 2 The number of bags I have to pack. 3  The current number of seconds between the time the lightning strikes and the thunder crashes.  We have had a couple of nasty thunderstorms lately. […]

A Little Cleopatra

Tonight we were invited to a tasting at a new Egyptian restaurant in town. Of course, this invitation stems from the diplomat friend I made way back at the beginning of our stay here. I have never eaten Egyptian food, but it was…..AWESOME!! EXCELLENT!! I cannot say enough about it! I am not sure what […]

Noisy/Nosey Neighbors

You would think that a concrete building would sufficiently insulate for heat and noise.  Well, I think we have proven that we have virtually NO heat insulation (see all the winter blog entries), and we now realize we also have NO noise insulation. As I mentioned before, we moved our mattress out to the living […]