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Overseas Finances…Turns Out…Not So Fun

You would not BELIEVE how 8 months in another country can affect your financial life. Here, I thought I had a foolproof plan to make sure all our bills were paid and our miscellaneous expenses were dealt with. But apparently my plan was anything but foolproof. Just some fun tidbits about our current state of […]

The American 10

No, I’m not talking about Bo Derek here. I am talking about the 10 pounds we seem to gain every time we make our glorious return to the United States. Surely this is a result of our intense craving for all comida mexicana, not to mention all the processed, convenient foods we are so accustomed […]

Subbing Schmubbing

I am officially….A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. As in, the-phone-rings-at-5am to-tell-you-you-are-working substitute. Yeah, that kind. I have worked in almost all the grade levels, including 6th and KINDER!!!!!! I prefer 6th. Really. I will take “love” over “urine” any day of the week. So, mostly I just work at Logan (HI LOGAN!!!! I miss you guys!!) But […]

Family Reunion ’07

One of the hardest parts of moving to Bulgaria has been leaving our dogs behind. Sure, we had Houndsome with us and he was a barrel of laughs. But we also have two other, sweet, sweet black Labs that we left with friends and family. One of our dogs–our girl, Lola–was living with another dog […]

Sweet, Sweet Vengeance

The Revenge of “Sissy” Yup. That’s right. I made a mobile of all Barack pictures along with a sticker I got at a street fair that said “Democrats Value All Families” with the gay/lesbian rainbow symbol and hung it in the kid’s room. Heh. Heh.


So, since we have been here, we have been staying with my brother, sister-in-law, and two year old nephew. Technically, he’s not two yet, but he will be in a couple of weeks. His name is Daniel, but we have renamed him Diggy, after Rev Run’s son Daniel who they call Diggy. Don’t ask…. Diggy […]

Things You’re Missing Out On…

…probably because I am not writing about them. Man! I’m soooo busy here. Well, ok, that may be an exaggeration because I lose a couple hours a day just hanging out with my 2 year old nephew. But other than that I am kind of busy. But, here are some stories I am going to […]

Man Overboard!

No, just kidding.  Nobody went overboard.  But we were on a boat for four days and it could have happened, what with all the raucous behavior.  My sister got married on a cruise down to Mexico.  The wedding was held before the ship left the port and then we spent the next three and a […]

Checking In

I’m still here. Here as in San Diego here. But I have begun substitute teaching and we are still preparing for taxes and my sister’s wedding, so life has been a bit crazy around this place. This weekend will be the wedding cruise to Mexico, I’m sure we will have plenty of photos. Also, I […]

Wondering Where I Was, Weren’t You?

I was flying…again! This time with a hound and nearly all of our belongings from Bulgaria. You know, just in case we can’t ever get back there. I’d hate to leave all our good stuff there forever. So, we left on Monday morning at very early o’clock and checked in at Lufthansa. With the “kuche” […]