Oh, those pesky Chargers! They wait until the season we are gone to have one of the best seasons EVER and go to the playoffs. As you can imagine, American football…not so popular over here. Actually, not even hardly known over here. So when we want to watch a game, we usually have to wait until about 2:00 in the morning and then head over to Mark’s friend’s house who bought the season through some internet service. He gets it on his computer and then hooks his computer up to the T.V. Except for postseason games–those were not included (I know, we are confused, too. Why show the whole season and not how it ends???)

Turns out, after only five months of being around this city, we finally learned that there is an Irish pub in town that plays all the American sports and all the “ex-pats”, as we are called, frequent it. While I was bundling up to head over there, I just happened to find a knit cap with the Chargers logo on it that we brought over. So festive I am. We headed over to Murphy’s–hard to miss with the giant Irish flag hanging outside!–to watch first the Bears game and then the Chargers game.

Since the Chargers game didn’t begin until after 11:00 over here, we were at good ol’ Murphy’s until well after 3:00am.  On a Monday morning.  Ideal for starting the work week, really…
And for what?

For them to lose, that’s what! Have they no appreciation of our dedication to trudge through post-Communist Eastern bloc in icy 25 degree weather just to see them?

So, yeah, we’ll most assuredly be at Murphy’s all the remaining Sunday nights/Monday mornings until that most holy of all American holidays–the Superbowl.