Yeah, I am here in Croatia (Split, to be exact) and I am pretty sure that THIS IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!! The water is clear and warm and amazing. The beaches have little rocks that don’t get you all dirty. The food is delicious.

Here is the quick rundown (My minutes are counted since I am in an internet cafe):

*Saw the Diocletian Palace…more old buildings

*The paths are often made of white stone that looks like marble or limestone and it is slippery but very pretty.

*Swam in the sea for a long, long time.

*Ate yummy yummy seafood.

*Ate ice cream while I walked along a promenade with big, shiny yachts all lit up at night.

Tomorrow we are off to Dubrovnik by bus. That place looks even better.

And so I am off for now….for more vacationing. You really DO wish you were here!!! 🙂