Because it says that the current condition is 12 degrees Celsius and Partly Cloudy with winds at 6 km/hr.  Lies.  All lies.  It’s more like 8 degrees Celsius with huge wind gusts that turn the temperature into something more like 0 or minus something and make it sound like our entire apartment building will topple over any minute.  Oh, and it’s pouring down rain.  I guess when they said “partly cloudy” they meant “all the way cloudy” with water dropping down.  Oops, a simple mistake, I presume.

But all is not bad.  The snowstorm in heading our way.  It is currently hanging out in Western Europe and then it will come here for a visit.  The next 5 days should be full of rain and snow.  Which makes Mark giddy.  He envisions himself leaping from powdery mountaintops.  I envision myself cautiously sliding down plateau-like hills.  Either way, we are hoping to use those skis soon!!!

But for now, the hound and I are opting to stay inside and huddle near the radiator while we watch movies.  We know we should be studying Bulgarian.  And we will.  In just a few hours.  But first, he (the hound) has chosen a nice selection of “chick flicks” as Mark likes to call them, and he (the hound) is tapping on my shoulder to start one immediately.

Ahhh it’s a dog’s retiree’s life.