My, but you are all a demanding bunch.  Apparently I have a few readers who refuse to let go.  I thought I had lost you all, what with my four month hiatus and all (who knew that going back to a job I had done perfectly well for 11 years would be so time-consuming?  And then the whole move back into the house….)  But no.  During the holiday family extravaganza, I heard from people that you still check the blog.  One uncle (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are!) felt “a lack of closure”.  In-laws are searching for photos of those final 3 weeks when we made stops in Spain and Canada on the way home.

Ok, ok, I get the hint.  I got you all into our lives and now you are addicted, like a sick reality-TV thing.  But I understand. I, too, tune into reality television–particularly now that those writers are on strike and there is!  To think, I waited an entire year to watch American TV and almost as soon as we get the cable hooked up in the casa, the writers quit on us.  The irony is not lost on us.

Anyways,  I will do a few last posts here.  A Spain post.  A Canada post.  An album for each.  And then my uncle’s closure piece entitled “What does it all mean?”  And then, sorry my little addicts, but then I am done.  D.O.N.E.  Here at least.  I am working on the next big thing, though.  Well, at least the next blog.  In truth, I, too got a little addicted.  I actually enjoyed writing here, joking about our absurd lives, listening to your sarcastic little comments.  And so I will move to a new place, a secret location if you will, to write about our next life adventure.  If you know me, you know what it is and I will email you the info at the appropriate time.  We just aren’t so interested in having the whole world know all about it, especially the public education world, if you know what I mean…*wink* *wink*

So keep checking, there will be a few more.  And then….when there are no more….might I recommend a therapist or some pharmaceuticals to help you with the withdrawal.  You’ll get through it, you will, I promise.  Just look at me…I lived without real TV for an entire YEAR (I know, it seems unbelievable to me now!).