So, we have a routine to our daily life here, and it looks something like this…

I wake up around 8:00am.

In the hot, hot, humid sunshine.

By the way, this is unacceptable considering I go to sleep after 2am. But the hardest working guys in all of Bulgaria are building a huge building right next door, and they like to start clanging around at 8:00. I can’t sleep through it. Mark can. He’s like a bear, hibernating for the winter. He even sounds like one with his obnoxious snoring….but that’s another story for another day.

I make myself some coffee or tea.

In the hot, hot, humid sunshine.

And this is how I do it. I boil water in a pot on the stovetop and pour it over a tea bag or a bag of instant coffee that we brought from home (thank God for Folger’s Singles!). Why? Because both our finely made coffee maker and finely made teapot/maker thingy broke and we are not buying another one.

I read the news, do sudoku puzzles or crossword puzzles, or study my Bulgarian until Mark the Bear arises. Usually around 9:30ish.

In the hot, hot humid sunshine.

Then we do our Stress Relief Yoga DVD.

In the hot, hot, humid sunshine.

Yeah. I am making Mark do yoga. He keeps complaining that everything hurts and he is getting old and blah blah blah, so I have decided yoga is the cure for him. He complains the whole time, which kind of ruins my Zen, if you know what I mean. But I can tell that deep down, he sees it is working.

The we eat breakfast, shower, shop whatever.

In the hot, hot, humid sunshine.

We walk the couple of miles uphill (really, I’m not lying, it IS uphill) to Mark’s office. I walk back home–the same couple of miles–with my iPod, where I work on miscellaneous stuff–this blog, school stuff, Mark’s work stuff, travel plans.

In the HOT, HOT, HUMID sunshine. (This is the part where I hope to shed I few pounds, at least from the sweating alone….)
Until dinner….One of us must walk to the other’s location for dinner.

In the rain.

See the problem here?????

The rain comes Every.Single.Day. Usually in the early evening, though sometimes late at night (as was the case last night when Mark was walking home). And folks–especially you Peeps in San Diego–this is no San Diego-“Oh my Gosh we got a whole inch of rain in three days”-type rain storm. Oooohhhh noooooo. No no no. It thunders. LOUD!!!!!!! Right above our building. Then the lightning bolts dart across the sky. And the rain beats down. For several hours. Long enough to flood all the streets in town, making it nearly impossible to cruise around in flip flops (which, of course, I usually wear because there is always HOT, HOT, HIMID SUNSHINE in the morning).

Did I mention that this occurs DAILY??? AS IN EVERY SINGLE DAY????

Really, enough already. I get it. It rains here. I’m not in San Diego anymore. I know, I know. Sheesh, the gods don’t have to keep pounding the idea into me.

Now that I have learned my lesson, can it stop? Please?