Yup.  We women have our own day over here in Bulgaria.  Technically it is an international holiday.  What is the conspiracy theory as to why we don’t know about it in the United States???

Anyways, here it used to be a bigger holiday during Communist times, but everyone still celebrates it.  When I was walking Vladi the hound (how sad–he will only be Vladi for 3 more days until he returns stateside and then he will return to being Guiseppe) I saw everybody walking with flowers…men had flowers to give to women and women were carrying home flowers they had received at work.

And yes, Mark Cassanova also celebrated.  He brought me a tulip and and a hyacinth and a little crate of fresh strawberries that were oh so delicious! I asked Mark’s partners when Day of the Man is, and they said there is no such thing, that around here only women get days.  Mark has his own take on it.  He has decided that every other day of the year is now decreed Man Day.  We get one, they get 364.  I tried to explain to him that it’s already this way, no need to decree anything. Heh.