Surely you are wondering how they celebrate Valentine’s Day over here.  And the answer is……… the same way as back home.  With goofy little stuffed animals, candy, chocolate, flowers, dinner, blah blah blah.  Everything is exactly same, minus the candy hearts that say “Fax Me”.  They don’t have those.  But not to worry, my friend “Kanye” (you’ll remember her from the Pazardzhik story???) was just in the States and brought me back a pack of hearts.  I didn’t go without.

Now you ask, how did Mark and I celebrate it?  Well, considering the fact that it is currently 8:00pm here and I am in his office typing this blog post as a means of avoidance from doing the dull, mind-numbing task he has asked me to do to help him with the business ought to give you a clue….We are not big Valentine’s people.  Plus we are leaving on an Austrian Alps ski vacation in a day, so we would prefer to save our money.  But, Mr. Mark Cassanova did bring me a cute bouquet of fresh flowers, including daffodils, and my favorite chocolate chip cookies to munch on while I type meaningless drivel on my computer.  And he was not forgotten!  I made him an egg-cellent egg breakfast (get it??? EGG-cellent.  heh.  heh.) this morning and I have been steadily delivering him mochas and sharing my cookies with him.

So….love on people, love on!  Happy Valentine’s Day!