That’s what we asked ourselves when we first saw all the statues and monuments here. They are all missing most of their metal. Take a look (click on the pictures if you want to see them more closely):

This is a monument of a Russian soldier, yet, you can barely tell. Check out all that missing metal. It makes you wonder….how did it get that way?

Well, let me tell you! The gypsies here take all the metal and sell it to scrap yards or melt it down to make money. How do they get it????

Well, I imagine they have a long rope ladder a la Jack and the Beanstalk that they unroll and hoist to the top, then scale up it using ice picks and cleats, similar to the climbers on Mount Everest. Once they reach their coveted bag of beans hunk of metal, they must whip electric tools out of their pockets and pry it loose, then drop it all the way down on to some gi-normous trampoline they have below. There it must bounce and bounce until finally the gypsies at the bottom can grab it and secure it into their wooden cart.

Well, at least that’s how I imagine it to be. How else could they possibly get it? And, notice, the government has tried to prevent this thievery. See?


They have built walls all the way around the base of the monument. But, like everything else here, those walls were immediately covered in graffiti. So, then the government thought, “Well, if you can’t beat them, join them”. And they had an art/graffiti contest. Those are all the animations you see. But then, of course, people instantly graffiti’d (is that even a word??) over that.

I’m just thinking…maybe it would have been cheaper to just post a guard near the monument? Or better yet, stop selling spray paint in this country. There is clearly a problem with it being misused. I don’t know….these are just some ideas I have floating in my head….