So…I see some of you have found my blog and have been reading it.  I’m glad!!! Keep it up!!!  But I want to tell you about the comments.  You can leave comments whenever you want.  Just click on the word “comments” at the bottom of the post (the writing), and then there will be a place with three thin rectangles and one big square. Write your name in the rectangle for Name, but skip the next two skinny rectangles. These are for people with an email address. Go to the big square and write your comments and then click on the button that says “submit comments”.  Then I get a little note that tells me to go read them, and….I go read them!!

The only problem is that I can’t send you back any messages.  But, what I can do is leave a comment for you.  So, this is how you check it…Go back to the place where you left the comment, click on the comments again.  Then read all the comments.  If I left you one, it will say “Kristy says”.  Yes–it uses my real first name, instead of Mrs. Drake.  Just pretend it says Mrs. Drake.

Well, I love to hear from you guys.  You can tell me what you think about my new life or you can tell me about your life at school.  I like hearing about what is happening at Logan Elementary.  So keep on reading, and writing!!! I miss you guys:)