I would be remiss in my duties if I did not spend some amount of blogging time/space to recount the history of this fine country. But, like most countries in Europe, the history is thousands and thousands of years old. And I would hate to bore you. So, I will give you snippets of the history here and there, and you can piece them all together as you so choose. I, for one, would keep an illustrated time line that would include key dates and facts with a small picture to represent the event. But you can do as you see fit.

Let’s begin at, well, the beginning. What historians like to call Pre-history, meaning the history before history was actually written down, or recorded. The evidence of the first people to live in this region dates back to 40,000 BC. For you dinosaur lovers out there, this is like a little less than 65 million years AFTER the dinosaurs died. There are some clues in caves on the mountains that people lived here then.

The first people to really move in and hang out here came in 6,000 BC. Again, dinosaur lovers, 65 million years AFTER all your reptilian friends died from a giant asteroid. At first these people lived in caves, but then later moved into smaller, round mud huts. Scientists (to be exact, archaeologists) have found proof that they burned grain here, so they think these first people were farmers. About 200 years later, the people were no longer just farmers. They were making jewelry and other things out of copper and gold. In fact, scientists believe that these people were the first people to ever make gold jewelry.

So…how’s your timeline looking now? Might I suggest two important dates, 40,000 BC and 6,000 BC, as well as perhaps a picture of a mud hut and some jewelry? Just some ideas for you…

Next episode: Thracian Era. I know, I know, you can hardly wait!!