First: What is a blog? Well, it is like my own journal, only it is written on the internet so everyone can read it. “Blog” is short for “weblog” which means a log, or journal on the web (another word for Internet).

Before you start reading about my adventures, here are some directions on how to use the blog:
* A “post” is the little story that I write.
* The words in the post that are in a different color mean you can click on them and see a picture or read some extra information.
* If you want to say something about a post, just click on the word “comments” below the post and write what you want to say. ****Remember to write your name after your comment, or I won’t know who wrote the comment!******

I really like reading your comments. Tell me what you learned or what you think about what I wrote. Maybe you will have some questions. Ask them in the comments section, and I will try my best to answer them! I hope you enjoy reading about my year in Bulgaria!!!