I make up new names for the dog. You know, because I have time to think of these things. Here are some I came up with:

Hound-some (handsome, get it?)


His Royal Houndliness (this is what I call him when he acts like a spoiled brat)


Hound-ini (like Houdini, this is what I call him when he performs a seemingly miraculous feat, like the time he climbed up on to the guest bed and pooped on it.)

Hound-tastic (when he does something fantastic, like sleep 18 hours a day)

Hound-y (his everyday name around here)

Ok, ok. I could see where you would think this is a little pathetic. But try it. Try using the word “hound” as part of another word to describe your dog. See? It grows on you. It’s kind of fun. You can leave me some new ones in the Comments section, I’ll add them to his list of names.