Errrrr….it was my birthday. On Monday. You know, when we found out about the visas and had to begin making moving plans??? Kind of a bummer to find out on my birthday, but we are not ones to dwell on such things. Oh noooooo!

Mark Cassanova woke me up in the morning with a very yummy breakfast:


Who knew he could make the perfect egg? It’s as if he has been waiting for the entire 17 years we have been together to let me in on his little hidden skill.

Then we laid in bed (mostly because the couch is SO uncomfortable) and read books. And instead of getting ready for work, Mark Cassanova informed me he took the whole day and night off to hang out with me. Awww…so cute! He had done some research and found a nice restaurant at the top of a hotel where you can overlook the whole city.

Of course when we arrived at the restaurant, and we asked for a window seat, we got the typical Bulgarian response of “they are all full”. Ummm….they were actually all quite empty. VERY EMPTY. Like I can hear an echo in here empty.  Perhaps they are reserved and people will come a bit later, we thought. But alas, the whole time we were there–which was a long time because meals here take a looooooong time–only a few tables filled up. And sure enough, as we were leaving, we noticed there were still a few empty ones. Oh well. We got a seat just a little ways away from the window so we were still able to enjoy the view.

We had a huge meal and dessert, of course!, then headed home to watch a movie and crash. A very nice evening indeed. 🙂

Oh, and for those of you wondering how old I am, well, let’s just say that my age now has the same digit twice, and as much as I would prefer that it be 22, it is not.