Yes, yes, we made it home! Perhaps you were worried that our plane crashed or something, since the blog has been markedly silent for….nearly a week (man, has it been that long?). But no…the plane made it here safely, as did we.

A brief synopsis of our time here so far–though I will detail all this much later. I’m just enjoying San Diego too much now to write anything decent:

We arrived Tuesday night, had some fresh avocados and tortilla soup, then promptly crashed in perhaps the most comfortable bed we have ever been in. Ok, ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration. But after 3 months of springs popping into our ribs at random intervals, it felt like the most comfortable bed ever. On Wednesday I went up to school and got mobbed by all my old students. Funny how they love you so much when you aren’t their teacher, but when you are their teacher….not so much. Thursday, well, that day I spent snoozing on the beach. On Friday, I helped my friend in her classroom, then had a pedicure (the feet seriously needed a cleaning) and dinner. And today, Saturday, I finally visited my little girl dog, Lola, and watched my niece’s soccer game in the hot, hot sun.
Where’s Mark in all this, you ask? Working, of course! Too bad for him…though he did see our other dog, Dakota, for a little bit the other night.
Of course we have already indulged in most of the foods we missed so much, particularly Mexican food, and been down to the beach a few times for walks.

I think it will be hard to return…but we’ll survive!