No, just kidding.  Nobody went overboard.  But we were on a boat for four days and it could have happened, what with all the raucous behavior.  My sister got married on a cruise down to Mexico.  The wedding was held before the ship left the port and then we spent the next three and a half days “celebrating”.  I was her Maid of Honor.  Here is a picture of Mark and I.  I cropped it out of the whole family photo since all the other people may not want their ugly mugs shown here:


Of course, I would have more photos if Mark and I hadn’t forgotten our camera.  Again.  Did I mention we did this when we went to Costa Rica, too???  But I will get some from the other photogs in the family and then I will post them up here.

The best part of the cruise (besides the wedding, of course–though I am obligated to say that 🙂 ) was the day we were in Mexico.  Granted, Ensenada is kind of like the armpit of Baja California.  But I just loooooove Mexico.  We hung out in a restaurant with an oudoor patio and plenty of warm sunshine.  I ate a few fresh fish tacos with all the authentic toppings and Mark had some shrimp tacos, also delicious.  Both of our families (ours and my sister’s new in-laws) were  there, so we had a group of like 30 people all around the table and there was so much joking and laughing that my sides hurt. Plus I got a small, almost unnoticeable tan on my face and arms.  Wouldn’t want to get skin cancer.

Oh.  And the second highlight had to have been Mark singing a Madonna song at karaoke.  Man, he should have been a performer.  He just loves to show off in front of people, especially strangers.  It was really hilarious.

Even though it was a vacation, we didn’t get much rest.  There was always something to do or people to hang out with.  So when we got home, Mark and I promptly spent the afternoon napping.  You know, recovering.  From vacation. Heh.

**I’ll let you know when there are more wedding pics to show–I’ll make an album for them.