So we have moved from Split to Dubrovnik. It was….quite a bus ride. 5 hours of competitions. The Battle of the Loudest Baby, and The Battle of the Stinkiest Dude. 2 competitions I would not ordinarily choose to spectate. And so we arrived a bit frazzled…but this place is worth the bus ride. Truly.

They call Dubrovnik the Pearl of the Adriatic. It is quite an accurate statement. All the stone here is about the color of pearls and there is a cool old city with all the old walls, drawbridges, and motes still all around. Inside the city walls, the ground is made of light colored marble. Or something that looks like marble. I choose to believe that is what it is…because my precious feet should only slide on marble. There are stores and ice cream shops and tons of restaurants in the Old City, so it still acts as…a city. Go figure.

Also, you can take a quick boat ride to a nearby island and hang out for the day, which is what I did today. It was awesome. I snorkeled (with my new, top-quality $13 equipment..haha) for hours. The water was clear and warm. When I wasn’t snorkeling, I was acting all lizardy by laying around on the rocks to warm up. The reptilian lifestyle suits me well. You should try it!

Oh…and a lesson in Croatian for you…

hvala=thank you


Go ahead, try them out for yourself….