Particularly in the Czech Republic. Grrrr. The internet cafes I found in Prague were sorry, pathetic little places–something like a few antiquated machines put in a back room with an attendant who could barely use a calculator. No chat programs with which to talk to Mark and an internet connection that moved at a snail’s pace.

Hence the lack of updates. But here goes:

When I last left you, we were on the island of Korcula (pronounced Korchula) in Croatia. We only had a day there, but in my next life, I will live there. They have a mini old town that looks like Dubrovnik–think beige stones and turret-topped buildings. Yachts and sailboats swarm the place. Ifound my yacht. It is not too large, but it does fit a helicopter on it. Too bad Idid not have time to inquire about its price and how Icould have shipped to San Diego…. And, of course, rocky beaches…which is where I spent my time, lying like my lizard-y self on a warm rock with intermittent bouts of snorkeling. Ahhhh yes, the life.

We took a ferry from the island to Split where we caught a night train to Prague. Well…..night and all day the next day train. 23 1/2 hour train. Cheap, but not so fun. Especially since we could not get a sleeper car. We had tried to pre-buy our tickets several days before, but the lady said that we could not buy a sleeper car ticket until the day of, but not to worry because they never sell out. Famous last words. Turns out, they do.

But we are smart, and we formulated a master plan. The train compartments have six seats (3 on each side) separated by a sliding door. So…after a few moves because the conductor kept telling us we were in the wrong place, but never told us where the right place was…but whatever…., we found a compartment and laid out all our bags to make it look like it was full. Then we pulled the curtain shut so it looked like it was full of sleeping people. Get it?? Genius, I know.

We stretched out and went to sleep….and slept so well that we got robbed. So did the people next to us. Actually, Kanye got robbed. They took the money from her backpack which was on the ground right next to her head. They were slick. Luckily, I used my backpack as a pillow, so they couldn’t find my goods. But truly, that was just luck because I needed a pillow, not because I was a smart traveler or anything (although I am now….). SO BEWARE of night train thieves, people!!

We got to Prague and walked a round with heavy bags on our backs until we found our hostel, which was actually a school dorm. Cheap, yes. Restful, no. Let’s just say that the teenaged boys across the way had a lot of, um…..time on their hands. AT night. And they liked to be loud with that time until about 5:00 am. Grrrr.

But Prague was cool. The architecture is very gothic with gargoyles and scenes of slaying dragons. We visited St. Vitus Cathedral, which I promptly renamed St. Vittles, and the “largest castle in the world”, which I really don’t believe is the largest, and Charles Bridge which is lined with statues, and we frequented various food establishments. Cafes, restaurants, snack shops, etc. This was mostly to keep out of the rain. Yeah, I know. RAIN. From lizarding on a rock to R.A.I.N. But, as much as I loathe the rain, it was a good place to be while it came down. All the gothic-ness just looked more spooky in the gray skies. I hope the pictures look spooky. Heh. Oh, and I took in a symphony of Mozart, Pachelbel, and Dvorak music. Like how I used the phrase “took in”??? See how refined I am now??
Now we are in Vienna. And I saw an opera here last night. AN OPERA IN VIENNA. Could I be any more cultured???? When you think of me, you must now imagine the height of elegance and sophistication. Or you could envision the truth. Me, in my cargo pants, sweater and bag in the very top, left hand side of the opera house in 4-euro-standing-room-only “seats”. Yup. I stood for 3 hours and watched an opera that I did not understand. But it was actually very cool.

And now I am here, in the hostel with real technology and no parties until the wee hours. I will be here one more day and then begin my trek to London. Wish me luck because these cheaper than cheap flights I found fly out of odd places at odd times. Which means that at 5:00am tomorrow morning, I have to take a train to an out-of-the-way train station in Bratislava and hope I find a way from said train station to the Bratislava airport, and arrive early enough to not miss my flight. I know, I know, not an ideal situation. Let the Amazing Race begin, peeps!!