It’s high time I make a list of things I miss about living in San Diego. You guys were probably starting to think I was just loving it here so much, I forgot about life back home. Feel free to brag about how you are enjoying all these luxuries at home:
**Not in any real order—just as I think of stuff, so no being mad you’re not #1 (‘Cuz right about now, you’re all #1)!!**
1. The obligatory friends and family—yes I do miss you guys!
2. My doggies, Lola and Dakota, especially Lola who is not feeling so well right now.
3. All things Mexican—food, Spanish-speaking, food, guacamole, food, tortillas
4. The weather—warm sunny days all year long
5. My house—hanging out by my pool during the summer

6. Watching the sunset from the Jacuzzi
7. Going for a nice run down at the beach, especially Crown Point
8. Walking around Lake Murray with my friend, Vicky (so what if we talk more than walk???)
9. Joking around at family parties/dinners
10. Joking around period—no one here understands me
11. Sitting in my special chair after work by Lupe’s desk
12. Being understood when I speak—ok, ok, that often doesn’t happen in SD either
13. A dryer for clothes
14. TV, TV, TV!!! Glorious TV… English
15. TiVo to record all my favorite shows and watch them without commercials
16. Not having to walk my dogs because we have a yard
17. Palm trees
18. My bed that doesn’t have the springs popping into my back when I roll over
19. My couch that is not made of plastic
20. Funny kid stories from school
21. Teaching—‘nuff said (can you believe that??Guess I’m not quite ready for retirement!)
22. Electricity that works every day
23. Did I say a clothes dryer?
24. Diet Soda (none here)
25. My nephews and niece—Hi, guys!!!
26. My siblings, of course!! I mean, they are taking care of my stuff while I’m gone. Such loyalty, such dedication. Who couldn’t love them?
27. Dinners at the in-laws, yummy steaks BBQ’d on the grill, with Mark’s secret recipe, hahaha
28. Fresh fruit from the in-laws’ trees (are there any peaches left????)
29. Raging parties at my Aunt Nancy’s house with all the aunts and cousins
30. Avocados, in any form—raw, in guacamole, ANY FORM
31. Driving, even though walking is supposed to be so good for me. How good can it be in slippery snow????
32. Wearing shorts
33. Going to the gym
34. Training for the triathlon—well kind of, except for those 4am swims, I don’t miss those AT ALL!
35. Talking to all of you….

Well, that’s all I have for now….I’m sure there are many, many more things, but for now, that’s what I miss. Enjoy all that a little extra for me!!!