Sorry ’bout that…I told you there would be a new album and then…well, then I got tired (it was past midnight here), and then the next day came and then I had a bad internet connection what’s new?, and then, well, then…the dog ate my homework…

But it’s there now. Go check it out! Kanye has some more photos and when I get them from her, I will add them. But there are plenty to see now.

Also, a few notes for y’all. If you leave me a comment, you may have noticed that it will tell you it has to wait for approval from me. Now, I am not trying to be all powerful or anything. It’s just that I have been getting more and more spam, and no matter how many words I blacklist, those crafty devils still manage to find a way to hit my blog with all kinds of inappropriate messages and links. So I check each day and approve ALL the normal comments. Please, don’t be afraid of that little “waiting for approval” message. I LOVE getting comments. Keep ’em comin’.

Also, I am responding to your comments (if you asked a question, or in the case of my brothers, leave a smart remark and I.just.can’ in the same comments section where you leave it. So you have to go back to the post where you originally wrote it and check.

Lastly, I must say zdrasti (hello!) to all the people who found my blog on accident and are reading it. I had intended it to be for my students back home and perhaps a few family members and friends. But I have found that there are all kinds of people who are reading this. I appreciate your comments and nice emails and I hope you are enjoying the little stories…and that my unique brand of “humor” does not offend you. I apologize that my pictures and stories do not include more real people, but I am pretty cogniscient of people’s privacy.  (This all hearkens back to a time that I found my name and pitcure on someone else’s website and I had no idea it would be there, and well, it just felt wrong.) So there are no stories or pictures of people who don’t give me permission first.

I have been really amazed that anyone would find this, let alone actually read it. .So….thanks!

Ok, that’s all for now. Ciao, ciao!