So…there isn’t much to do here in the winter, except stare out the window and curse the neverending rain, or to persuade it to turn into snow. Although, at the present moment, it is refusing to freeze itself into powdery snowflakes, and so I continue to curse it.

I have found some diversion, though. Besides reading…A LOT, and sudokuing….A LOT, I have found the gym and the pool in town.


The gym offers an excellent Pilates class, though I beg to differ with the title. It’s more like a little bit of stretching, a whole bunch of situps and some plyometrics-type exercises, all to the tune of aerobics-style music. Nonetheless, I do like the class. Also, the pool is indoors and quite nice. Not to chlorine-y and long lanes. Mark and I have been trying to go twice a week.

Despite all these fun-filled activities, I find it hard to get motivated to leave the house on a cold, rainy morning to tromp through puddles that would drown the hound just to get into more water…a pool. I did well last week, but this week was not so successful. I know what you’re thinking–how can I fulfill my Olympic dreams of becoming Michael Phelps if I’m too lazy to even walk the kilometer to the pool?


Next week. Next week will be better. I vow to improve my workout schedule. I will just keep my eye on the prize–a shiny gold medal around my neck–and strap on my wetsuit boots and swim walk through the flooded streets. Until then…I will continue to obsess over placing the numbers 1 through 9 iinto grids, all in the comfort of my heated flat. 🙂