Did I mention it is super hot here? Oh, I did? Well, I must mention it again. REALLY HOT! And it is seriously affecting my productivity levels. I know, I know…what productivity, you say?? I mean, I AM in temporary retirement, so how productive need I be? Believe it or not, I have a lot to do that I am just not accomplishing. I brought some curriculum over here that I have yet to read and it is getting close to that time when I need to begin to organize, sort, throw away unnecessary items before we move back home (YAY!).

And I am doing none of that.

Because it is hot. REALLY HOT!

And once I walk with Mark to work and back (a couple of miles each way and uphill–I’m not lying!) I am pretty much toast. All I can manage is to make a few meals and clean up after myself. Oh, and read. And nap. And download great songs from the 80s.
But I refuse to give up. Today I really pushed myself and organized some photos into the gallery here. For you. I did it for you. Ok. Maybe an eensy bit for me, since I know that if I don’t get these photos organized here and now, I will never get to it, especially once I get home and join the working community again (gasp! The W word!)

In an effort to increase my production levels, I have set some goals:

1. Organize and albumize all my latest photos–all 350-400 of them. Check! I already started this one.

2. Share all my fun and funny travel stories with you. Perhaps I will even share the not so funny ones, though they may make YOU laugh.

3. Reconfigure and reorganize my iPod. This may not seem important to you, but I do walk a lot and I need that little guy to get past Mark’s nightly snoring. And hey, let’s face it…I’m a high tech retiree. Some retirees garden or do tai-chi. I iPod. What of it?
4. Finish Season 3 and begin Season 4 of 24. Man, that show is awesome.

5. Watch at least 3 loops of CNN with the exact.same.news.stories daily.

I think that about covers it. Oh wait. Did I leave out that part about doing some professional reading and curriculum organization for work? Silly me. Yeah, add that one in, too….though way down there at number 6!

Let’s hope I have enough time after all that busy-ness to eat.

So, stop reading my rambling here and go check out the gallery. I have made an album for the Mother In Law Diaries: Albena, and don’t forget to also view the sub-album of Balchik. There were a lot of pictures (I let Mark have free rein over the camera and he went a bit nuts), so I divided them into Albena pictures and Balchik pictures. Enjoy! And check back daily for more and more and more and more photos.