Still here….still kicking…still no Spain and Canada pictures. Sorry. This work thing is really taking over my life. And let’s just say that it hasn’t exactly been “easing back into” the place. Ooooohhhhhhh noooooooooo. It’s been just short of solid misery, what with my relaxed, chill-out, been-on-vacation-for-like-12-months state of mind juxtaposed with the ugly demands of the job. And ask any teacher….the week before the kids come back is HORRIBLE.

I go to work at like 6:00 am and tonight I returned at 8:00ish. That leaves time to eat a peach for dinner, shower to wash away all the school dirt, and crawl into bed, hoping that the laundry fairy comes while I am asleep (oh, yeah, and all my clothes for work are still in storage, so add sifting through everything I own to my list of things that must be done before Tuesday morning….), But I won’t leave you hanging. I WILL put those pictures up.

Just not tonight….